About Susan


Susan began playing the bassoon at the age of 12 and instantly fell in love with the instrument. Continually discovering the amazing sound and musical possibilities of the instrument, she continues to perform regularly in orchestras, chamber ensembles, and her electric bassoon band DFM. (Learn More)


Organized, detail-oriented, and creative, Susan has been involved behind-the-scenes in music administration since 2010. She is experienced in designing programs, organizing music events and concerts, planning artist tours, artist/concert marketing, grant-writing, biography-writing, email newsletter production, and website maintenance. Susan just completed a Certificate in Non-profit Management from Ryerson University’s Chang School. (Learn more)


Susan has been teaching private bassoon lessons and clinics since 2006. Her teaching is dedicated to providing a solid technical foundation for young bassoonists, which then allows for extended musical exploration. Susan taught bassoon at Cardinal Carter Academy for 10 years, and her private students have been accepted into music programs at University of Toronto, McGill University, and Berklee College. (Learn more)


The quest for a magic does-it-all reed is a lifetime journey. Susan has studied reed making in various styles, and spent much time in independent exploration of reed fundamentals and characteristics. Specializing in wide reeds that are responsive and stable with rich tone, Susan continues to explore the creative and constructive aspects of reed-making. (Learn more)